FAQ for interspire multi-threaded addon


Frequently Asked Questions about multithreaded addon:

1. Which interspire version is compatible with the multi-threaded addon?

  • All interspire versions from v6.0.5 upto v6.1.5 are compatible with multi-threaded addon.
    2. What are the system requirements?
  • Multithreaded addon requires php 5.3 or newer, with mysql v5.1 or newer. That means it will run on php5.3, php5.4, php5.5 and mysql v5.1, 5.5, 5.6.
    **3. What kind of hardware should I buy to effectively use MSH addon?
    -MSH addon doesn’t have any specific hardware requirement. However, since it has the potential to use your cpu and RAM optimally, the more cpu power and ram you have, the faster you can send. The harddisk should be either hwraid or SSD.