Oempro vs. InterSpire Email Marketer


When choosing a list manager, you want to compare between oempro and interspire email marketer. Here’s what i think of them comparatively:

Interspire wins over oempro:
-Totally unencrypted sourcecode
-Easy to pick up interface even by novice users

  • Easy to customize and do custom development

Interspire loses to oempro:
-No unlimited user license
-Development is kind of stalled
-Feature crippled compared to oempro

Oempro wins over interspire:

  • Lots of features
    -Unlimited user license available
    -Default sending speed is much faster than interspire

Oempro loses to interspire;

  • Encrypted sourcecode
  • Confusing backend for a novice user


Beware “octeth” and their products “oempro” or “sendloop”.

We bought oempro from octeth but conclude that:

  • its development is stopped;
  • is not designed to send bulk messages because only allows you to use one SMTP server per sender domain.

For this reason we ask for a reimbursement under the “Money Back Guarantee” announced on the octeth website.

They simply ignore our messages and, by this time, we realized we did business with a company that cheats its customers.