Using different email ids to send the mails


Hi everyone,

I was wondering how do you go about using different email ids to send the mass mails from interspire?

As you know for the given SMTP server, the hostname is locked to a domain and hence any emails sent from the domain other than the SMTP’s hostname will go into spam folder.

Say, I’ve as the hostname for the SMTP server configured. Now when I send any mail from the domain as obvious goes into the spam folder of the recipient.

As there’s option to send the mails using different emails in Interspire, there must be something that I’m missing. Not sure exactly what’s wrong, can someone please guide me on what I might be missing? Thanks.


Hi, it is not mandatory to set the hostname of smtp server to the same domain as the ‘From’ header of emails sent from interspire email marketer. Otherwise no shared IP sending pool of sendgrid, postmark etc. would work.

In your case, you can add an SPF record to in this format: 299 IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx -all”